“B’h this is a program that we’ve been looking for and needed for many years.There is a tremendous need to have someone looking after the boys after they leave the yeshiva in Eretz Yisrael and attend secular university. Most of the boys get lost and slowly leave learning if not during the first six months during the first year. Without having a kesher with a Rebbi, a Chavrusa, or someone they have to answer to, the chances of them learning for the rest of their lives are very small. If they have a Rebbi, Chavrusa during this time period this will probably change the next many decades of their lives. They will date a different type of girl, set up a different type of life. This is a life changing opportunity. An investment with extremely important returns. This makes what they got in Eretz Yisrael worthwhile because they will continue it and not end it.It sets them up for the future.It’s also very important that Rabbi Kalatsky comes to Eretz Yisrael to meet the boys before they get back to the states when they are most open and receptive.”

Rabbi Wrublowsky
Yeshivat Torat Shraga

“Rabbi Kalatsky continues the legacy of Moshe Rabeinu, He continues to give to the klal Yisrael continues bringing the light of Torah to the tunnels downtown and uptown. He brings the light in the darkness.He’s doing very well with many of our guys. We pray to Hashem that he continues to be the ner maaravi in NYC.”

Rav Aharon Bina
Yeshiva Netiv Aryeh 

“R’Meir Simcha has the ability to inspire boys through intellectual learning; caring and reaching out to students throughout NYC, giving Torah to their business life and social life. He understands where they’re coming from, from their year 1 or 2 at yeshiva in Israel and where they are going to in the working field. He Prepares them to be strong committed Jews in NYC.”


Rav Chanan Bina

“Rabbi Meir Simcha Kalatsky and the Mentorah learning program offers an incredible opportunity for all people, in all walks of life, to draw from Rabbi Kalatsky’s wellspring of Torah knowledge. Choosing engaging topics and stimulating concepts. Rabbi Kalatsky succeeds to demonstrate the treasure and inherent genius of Torah and to make its study appealing. Prior to joining Mentorah, I found myself unable to keep up my desired level of learning during the week, as it can be difficult when caught in the myriad of distractions that is Midtown Manhattan. However it’s very much possible when part of Mentorah. I am blessed to be apart of this inspirational and intellectually stimulating program that is Mentorah, which I highly recommend to all!”

Marc "Avi" Hershberg

“Learning with Rabbi Kalatsky has been immensely meaningful. He is a patient and thorough teacher who has been carefully guiding me through Jewish knowledge. Our learning has helped me to better understand the roots of my family and myself, and to see the world more clearly. Rabbi Kalatsky has also brought me closer to the traditions and rituals of our people.”

Anton Chaevitch

“I have been blessed to have the ability to learn with Rabbi Kalatsky for the last 3 years. Rabbi Kalatsky is an amazing teacher and I come away from my learning with him excited and refreshed. It is always exactly what the doctor ordered. Taking time out of my schedule to learn with Rabbi Kalatsky has impacted me on a deep spiritual level and on a personal level. Not only has he been a teacher, but has also been a mentor, a friend and someone that I truly aspire to. I am thrilled to know that other many other students will have the blessing of his torah knowledge, mentorship and friendship.”

Andrew Berkowitz

“I had the honor to be introduced to Rabbi Meir Simcha Kalatsky at a Jewish Youth dinner close to four years ago. While getting into enlightening discussions throughout the evening, when the event came to a close and we were on our way out, Rabbi Meir Simcha humbly invited me to study at his father, Rav yOSEF Kalatsky’s, Yeshiva in midtown. The very next day I looked up the Beis Midrash and attended my very first yeshiva-like class, realizing that it would change my life forever.

Every hour I spend at Yad Avraham impacts me and continues to encourage me to reach further goals in becoming a better Jew, which concurrently enhances my life. Rabbi Meir Simcha has been by my side during my transition into living a life filled with Torah light, and helped me prepare for my wedding last year, which my wife and I benefit from each and every day.

With Rabbi Meir Simcha’s guidance, I feel that I have made my religious observance more personal and closer to who I really am. I am able to discuss my weekly questions/doubts/ and general life situations that we all get into in an unguarded and comfortable way. Rabbi Meir Simcha always helps me discover and brainstorm what the current tensions are and how to diffuse them using the wisdom of the Torah.

Rabbi Meir Simcha and I have been learning together bi-weekly for the last three years, and our one-on-one time is irreplaceable. He has so much patience, diligence, and love for spreading the knowledge he is incredibly filled with. Each time we study I can’t help but notice his thoroughness and am still always shocked by how persistent and meticulous he is. The whole Kalatsky family is determined to enrich Torah into the lives of anyone seeking it, and I feel grateful to feel a part of their world. I look forward to many more mornings of enlightenment with Rabbi Meir Simcha, and know that not only will I continue to take away his Torah knowledge, but I will also continue to be influenced by his talents as a husband, father, brother, and son.”

Joshua Lazoff

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