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A community of like-minded students and young professionals that are focused on genuine torah growth

MENTORAH has evolved to become an effective program led by Rabbi Meir Simcha Kalatsky. The Rav has been committed to assuring that his students maintain the passion and enthusiasm for Torah growth and learning, all while balancing a college schedule and/or a professional job.

Learning b’chavrusa with young professionals at the Yad Avraham institute in Midtown Manhattan, Rabbi Kalatsky saw a further need to mentor and learn with students facing the conflicting college life.

Now, that mission has expanded to serving the students of NYU, Baruch, Cooper Union, Queens College, Columbia University, and more.

Classes include every Torah subject matter – Chumash, Gemara, classical Mussar works and Lectures on an array of Jewish topics, but of course focus on the classics of Gemara, Halacha, and mussar works.


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