Answering the call

MentorAH for Life

to Continue Torah True Values!

After leaving the cocoon of yeshiva in Israel with the environment of Rabbeim and faculty, one finds himself approaching a spiritual storm: the forces of American society.

As a single person, one is particularly  vulnerable to many negative influences in life. One therefore must batten down the hatches and anchor oneself not to be pulled by the tempest in  the middle of the storm.

The initiative and program of MENTORAH  is a proven approach to deal with these eroding influences; retaining  and securing all that was gained in the year’s study in Israel. MENTORAH has evolved to become an effective mentoring program that has been developed, led and maintained by Rabbi Meir Simcha Kalatsky these past years in the internationally recognized Torah Institute – Yad Avraham, under the nurturing eye of Rav Yosef Kalatsky.   Anchoring  and preserving  the focus and enthusiasm of these returning students, Rabbi Meir Simcha  has  been committed to assuring that  his students maintain the caliber and perspective of the the Torah commitment they pursued in Israel – although no longer in a yeshiva environment.

Returning from Israel, these precious young men, stand at a crossroad. They are similar to the climber who is within range of the magnetic force that will catapult him to what is, under normal circumstances, unattainable heights.

Mentored in MENTORAH

by Rabbi Meir Simcha,

their learning   will be embedded in their psyche

and identity for the rest of their lives.

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